Kawasaki Engines target turfcare professionals with latest video campaign

Kawasaki’s European Engine Division has launched a social media video campaign with the aim of raising awareness of the brand amongst turfcare professionals by showing what goes on inside their mower engines.

Running across Europe on Facebook and Twitter, the campaign is in two parts: a short teaser video which launched at the start of June, with a full version appearing from the beginning of July.

2017 is our 60th Anniversary year and we wanted to take the opportunity to show how far our engineering has come. Joe Bloggs

Both feature advanced 3D animation of the engineering inside Kawasaki’s very first and latest petrol engines. The main video follows a journey through the engine from fuel tank to combustion, demonstrating the detailed design that goes into providing power to turfcare machinery. Along the way the video also shows how Kawasaki’s engine design has changed from the KF4, their first ever 4-stroke in 1957, to today’s latest and most advanced electronic fuel injection models.